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Companionship, in its most basic form, means to accompany someone.

Our companions interact with seniors on a 1-to-1 basis through activities, in-depth conversation or simply by their presence.
The benefits of a genuine companionship cannot be understated. Here are some of them:

  • Safety environment

    Assist in getting around, accompaniment when engaging in light physical activities such as strolling

  • Drive

    Motivate seniors to participate in activities with companions

  • Mental support

    Promotes social interaction and encourage self-help to improve overall well-being

  • Strengthen

    Stimulate the mind through positive communication and interaction

  • Expertise

    Companions are well-equipped with knowledge to direct seniors or caregivers to seek the most appropriate form of assistance


Our companionship services feature active senior engagement to make ageing at home a much more positive experience.
Listed below are some of the activities included in companionship.

  • Heart-to-heart chats
  • Planned interactive activities
  • Playing games, picking up new hobbies
  • Escorting to places (e.g. hairdresser, essential grocery shopping, clinics, medical appointments, etc.)
  • Accompaniment for strolls around estate
  • Medical reminders (timings and right dosages)

1) Heart-to-heart chats

If overlooked, pent up emotions and thought inhibition can spiral out of control and cause stress, strained relationships and even inappropriate, embarrassing outbursts. Speaking about emotions to someone trustworthy can help with the verbalization of thoughts and provide much-needed relief.

Our companions are trained to listen without judgement and are capable of offering advice that can help give insight into emotions and uncover possible underlying stressors. Rather than therapy or counselling sessions, these are simply genuine conversations with a friend you can trust.

2) Planned interactive activities

Interactive activities are specially developed to improve cognitive and physical functions. These help preserve physical mobility and reduce age-related impairment of long-term and working memory. The pace and choice of activities are tailored to the needs of every senior for optimal progress.

Some examples and their target domains are listed as follows:

Activity Target domain(s)Activity List
MindfulnessEmotional well-being 
  • Deep-breathing circle
  • Raisin exercise
  • Body scan
  • Mindful seeing
Strength routines *AdaptedBalance, Parkinson, Orientation
  • HOA (Health-Oriented Ageing) exercises
  • Strolls 
MeditationEmotional Well-being, brain stimulation
  • Mindful meditation
  • Walking meditation
Memory games Brain stimulation
  • Picture memorisation
  • Flip and match
  • Flip and match casino cards
  • Coin under which cup
Arts and CraftFine motor skills, executive functioning
  • Fold decorations
  • Painting
  • Kinetic sand sculpting
  • Hama beads (e.g. making coasters) 
  • Photo frame making
  • Terrarium making
Technology tutorials Cognitive stimulation, hand-eye coordination 
  • Mobile phone
  • How to search for, install and launch apps
  • How to call and send messages
  • How to video call with friends
  • Simple social media usage
  • How to use YouTube


3) Escort Aide

Certain appointments require irregular hours, often requiring working class caregivers to take time off office hours. Our companions can be of service instead, escorting the seniors on the caregivers’ behalf. Appointment types can range from doctor visits to haircuts and community club gatherings. Updates like doctor instructions, prescriptions and future appointment dates will be noted and sent to you via text messages.

* transportation modes can be arranged, but costs will be borne by caregivers.antr

Our expertise

Communication Skills

Language Capabilities: English, Mandarin, Malay, Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese.

Our empathetic companions use a person-centered care approach to communicate effectively with seniors.

Their ability to speak multiple languages and dialects can invoke a sense of familiarity and form a more personal bond.

Management Skills

Our companions are equipped to understand and manage seniors living with ailments like depression, anxiety and dementia.


Are you…
    • Unavailable for a few hours to take care of your seniors at home?
    • Concerned about your senior’s mental well-being?
Do you…
    • Want your seniors to reignite a long-lost passion or hobby?
    • Want to engage your seniors with some brain stimulating activities?
    • Require some time for yourself?
If these are your concerns or worries, our companions can help!

Ready to start?

Our companion services* start for as low as $25/hr. Our friendly customer care officer will set you up with a companion that can meet your needs.

*Min 2 hours for engagement of companionship services
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