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If left unchecked, work-related stress and injury can lead to reduced employee well-being and negatively affect businesses.

1 %
workplace stress

The 2019 Cigna 360 Well-Being reported that nearly all (92%) working Singaporeans report feeling stressed, an alarming 8% higher than the worldwide average.

1 in 1
workers get injured

According to Ministry of Manpower’s Workplace Safety and Health Report in 2019, one in every 250 workers got injured, resulting in a loss of 544,664 man-days.



The jolly corporate package

Jolly Companion has services that aim to improve the mental wellness of employees. Together, let’s create a safe and stress-free workplace.

Workplace counselling

Burnout, stress, personal issues or discriminatory workplace practices could be potential stressors that affect an employee’s psychological well-being. Counselling provides an avenue for employees to express their concerns in a safe and confidential space. They can be aided to look at their challenges positively, moving forward with a renewed ability to handle stressors.

We believe that proactive mental wellness care, and the assurance of a workplace culture where employee well-being is prioritised, is essential to every organisation. It can improve moods and mental states, reducing work-related stress and mental ailments like anxiety and depression. In turn, work productivity is improved and turnover rates are lowered.

Physical Health Management

Therapy should not be limited to serious conditions. For example, recurring physical ailments like shoulder aches, wrist pain, back soreness and minor injuries are often normalised as an unavoidable part of everyday life. However, they don’t have to be. 

Research has shown that proactive intervention (to treat existing conditions and identify undetected ones) goes a long way toward preventing serious complications, substantially benefitting employees.

Corporate care benefits

Enhanced Employee Well-being

Workplace support provides assurance of an organisation’s commitment to the well-being of their staff. This translates to increased employee morale and lower absentee rates, which can have a large impact on a company’s productivity levels.

Professional Care

Our staff are trained to exercise prudence in diagnosis to quickly help clients detect any physical or mental conditions. This allows for early recommendation of effective treatment options, which helps in making well-informed decisions.

Empathetic Core

Our experienced counsellors adhere to strict confidentiality and non-judgemental practice. This promotes a safe and welcoming environment to encourage honest feedback and open sharing.

Holistic Approach

Our counsellors are equipped with multiple therapeutic modalities catering to diverse needs. Assessment and treatment that considers biological, psychological and social factors.

Employee well-being matters

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