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Home counselling


Jolly provides home-based counselling to improve seniors’ and caregivers’ emotional and mental well-being.

A holistic assessment, considering biological, psychological and social factors, is crucial to understand our clients and help them get better. For example, a person may suffer from depression (psychological) because they are handicapped (biological) and thus unable to meet friends (social).
Our client-centred therapies take all factors into account to meet their needs.

Our clients may choose a focus area for each session so that progress can be evenly spaced out according to preference.


All of us face stressors in life. 

Seniors are most vulnerable to life stressors like health problems and bereavement. Many suffer from loneliness, social isolation and psychological distress.

Being a caregiver can also be mentally and physically draining when having to care for loved ones over prolonged periods.

Counselling empowers you to in manage your stressors, unravel underlying emotions and develop strategies to find relief.

We are here for you!

Counselling is not something to be embarrassed at.
We know it takes courage to seek help and face your challenges head-on.
Know that you are not alone – people are here to help.

What we offer in counselling

Here are some topics our counsellors can help seniors and caregivers with:

  • Grief and Loss 
  • End-of-life and existential concerns
  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Forgetfulness and losing ability to manage normal daily living
  • Transitions and changes (e.g. job status, decline in psychological or physical health, etc.)
  • Caregivers’ stress
  • Depression and anxiety

Our counsellors' expertise

Communication Skills

Language Capabilities: English, Mandarin, Malay, Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese.

Our empathetic companions use a person-centered care approach to communicate effectively with seniors.

Their ability to speak multiple languages and dialects can invoke a sense of familiarity and form a more personal bond.

Management Skills

Our companions are equipped to understand and manage seniors living with ailments like depression, anxiety and dementia.

Holistic Approach

Equipped with multiple therapeutic modalities catering to diverse needs.

Assessment and treatment that considers biological, psychological and social factors.

SHould I engage Home counselling?

Am I…

  • Concerned about my seniors’ mental well-being?
  • Having difficulty communicating with my seniors?
  • Frustrated with my seniors’ random bouts of tantrums?

Do I…

  • Want to know how to cope with caregivers’ stress?
  • Need someone to share my frustrations with?
  • Need guidance and insights on caregiving strategies?

If these describe you, book a counselling session with us!

Ready to start?

Jolly offers 2 packages, Counselling Lite and Counselling Standard. Enjoy the flexibility of using these services without expiry!

*Min 2 hours for engagement of companionship services


$500 $ 475
  • 4 hours Companionship
  • 2 hours of Home Counselling


$1,700 $ 1,615
  • 4 hours of Companionship
  • 8 hours of Home Counselling

Individual Home Counselling is also available at $200/hr

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